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Three Imaginary Boys


I make portraits of both imaginary and real people. I make abstracts of texture and emotion. I use mostly oils, colored pencils, and graphite.


I make portraits because I find beauty and chaos in faces. I love expressing troubled expressions, seeking quiet and seeing secret emotions instead. I make abstracts because in the absence of faces and people and the hubris of this world, I want people to be absorbed into my paint. I bleed out emotions through my fingers into the canvas and paper.

My process for a single, successful piece starts in a dream or in a fragment of a thought. For example, my piece, “Fog on the Mississippi” was born driving through Audubon Park parallel to the Mississippi River. I was having a stressful day, and when I looked out the window, my breath caught in my throat and I knew I needed to express that moment. It was eerie, quiet, and thick. The painting took nearly two years to complete – I had to let it “simmer” for a year in between. My painting, “Overcoming Adversity”, was created from my anger and overwhelming nerve of the current political climate and was finished in five days.

Three Imaginary Boys

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"I've admired Raven's work for many many years, who's talent and creativity have often left me in awe. I was fortunate to have acquired a piece several years ago, where it hangs proudly in my home. Raven's professionalism in business, and quality of work is absolutely incredible. I am quite thrilled to own an original painting to enjoy for years to come." 

- Ami Pedersen

"Working with Raven has been a fulfilling experience. She is cooperative and receptive to commission work, while ensuring that each piece remains true to her artistic vision and style. Her caricatures are talented and unique. Her portfolio displays a variety of artistic styles and themes, ranging from Asian koi prints to abstract art. I wholeheartedly recommend Raven to anyone looking for art that is both personal and engaging."

-Stephen Murrish

"Raven’s talent is unmatched. She works her tools with exquisite detail. I love how she has such an extensive range that her work can appeal to many rather than the few. We are very happy with the commissioned piece we received and look forward to experiencing more of her talent."

-A. Sheridan, Roscommon, Michigan

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