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A Journey

I'm rich... not in dollars. Better than dollars :) I am journeying to (but "to" indicates there is a final destination, so, within? towards?) a life with few strings.

This year so far, I:

  • gave away 72 paintings

  • gave away 19 bags of Things (two more boxes ready to go) including shoes, clothes (all my clothes fit in one 32" x 42" dresser, excluding outerwear and two handmade costume pieces)

  • gave away my bedfrane and mattress, a 6' bookshelf, and a sewing table

  • deleted all FB accounts permanently

  • deleted about 1/3 of my digital music

  • gave away all but 113 books (at some point I had nearly 700)

  • paid off all debt

  • quit drinking and smoking pot

  • threw away 50% of my physical photos

  • stopped feeling lonely and started spending most of my time by myself, happily!

  • became vegan

  • became celibate

  • started studying Spanish again

  • started reading again

  • started doing art seriously again

  • sadly, lost some friends due to mania :(

I am also going to be giving away or selling:

  • 2 papasans frames (and keeping the cushions to use as floor seating)

  • a small vanity

  • MY GAMING COMPUTER (and am replacing it with a lightweight, middle of the line laptop)

  • 4 a box full of random things

Also, in the works:

  • going through all ALL of my photos, most of my artwork, deleting doubles etc.

  • consolidating all my art, mostly old drawings that I haven't had a chance to organize. Will throw away crappy drawings. I spent a few hours on this a couple days ago

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